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Customized design services to fit your needs



Lighting Design Consultation

Lighting Design Consultation

Blueprint Design

Blueprint Design

Round Wooden Tables

Round Wooden Tables

Construction Worker

Construction Worker


☐Real estate comparison tours

☐Creating electronic CAD files

☐Square footage calculations

Design Planning:

☐Programming & strategic planning

☐Work-flow & productivity consulting

☐Wellness in the workplace 

☐Corporate branding, identity & vision

Schematic Design:

☐Test-fit layouts & space planning

☐Concept development & branding

☐Growth planning & project phasing

Design Development:

☐Interior material & finish selection

☐Furniture selection & coordination

☐Lighting & ceiling design

☐Landlord & contractor coordination  

Furniture Management:

☐Work with client selected vendor

☐Assist with selection of products

☐Coordinate power/data requirements

☐Select configurations and finishes

☐Review pricing and install

Construction Documents:

☐Demolition plans

☐Furniture plans

☐Construction plans

☐Tel/data/power location plans

☐Ceiling & lighting plans

☐Interior finish plans 

☐Interior elevations & details

☐Door schedules

☐Detailing, millwork & custom

Project Management:

☐Client’s vendor coordination

☐Construction meetings

☐Drawing sketches & revisions

☐Submittal review process

☐Respond to SKA and RFI

☐Punch list     


Other Services:

☐Photo realistic renderings/ 3D models

☐Material & finish presentation boards

☐Signage, art & interior gardens

Common Collaboration:

☐With Architects & Engineers

☐With AV/IT vendors
☐With other designers & artists
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